10 Must-Know Cat Behaviors that Help You to Understand Your Kitty

Cats are animals with clear behavior. Dog owners know that dogs are as difficult to understand as a person, but cats are very clear about their feelings and expressions because they are less emotional. In the continuation of this Must-Know article, the major cat behaviors that all cat owners should know are listed. Knowing what behaviors mean to you will make a big contribution to your understanding of your cat. What do your cat want to tell you from her pupils to fingernails?

  1. The pupils of your kitty that only the eye part of a cat can tell the most. Look at the eyeballs of your cute cat; if your cat is not under sun and her pupils are getting smaller and thinner, your cat may be upset or slightly disappointed. If your cat's eyes have widened, your cat may have been afraid of something or been a bit agitated. In both cases, what you need to do is give him some time. Let him be a little alone. And do not try to play until your pupils return to normal. And stop asking what you got, why you're upset, why you're afraid, and wrap it up 🙂

  2. The cat's tail also has a lot to say. For example, if your cat is anxious, he tucks his tail between his back legs. Do not try to calm him down. Instead, you remain completely calm and give him time to calm down. The cat is psychic. S/he can instantly see feelings like fear, excitement, sadness, stress, anxiety, happiness in your soul. Take control of your own feelings to help her. If your cat's tail is curled upward slightly, your cat is happy and ready to play. If she approaches you while her tail is curled and upward, it means that she feels safe and happy with you. If you see that all of the feathers of a tail of your cat are all puffed up like a bottle brush, this means that your cat is frightened. Embracing a scared cat and trying to keep it quiet, believe it, is the last thing you want to do. Tell her that "everything is OK" with a calm tone and just wait for it to calm down. Do not try to play with him to calm him down, it will irritate him more. Simply wait her to calm down, then play with her a little to stabilize the situation.

  3. Your cat does not just use his ears to hear. At the same time, he uses them instinctively to express himself. If your cat has raised his ears up, it shows that he is focusing on something and listening intently. If his ears are flat he might be scared of something. Check around for something to be scared around. If so, remove it and tell him that "all is well" with a calm tone and give him time to return to normal.

  4. If your cat has puffed up his hair and raised his back and hissed, it would indicate that he was overly afraid of something. All the animals, including the cats, if they feel threatened in the environment, they want to show themselves larger to the hunters and inflate themselves. In this case, after you are sure that there is no real threat around, tell him that everything is alright with a calm tone and give some time him to calm down. You can feed and play a game after your cat turns to normal with its furr.

  5. This behaviour may show your cat has an anxiety. As in humans, cats can eat their nails when they feel nervous. If you are confident that there is no health problem that can cause this, you can try to leave it alone for a while. When the pussy was much stimulated during game and feeding times, they can develop anxiety during their leisure time. Play with him if he wants to play with you and you do not have much interest in him at other times and you do not try to play it, you will probably solve the problem if you do not force him to do something.

  6. If you see your cat sitting around like its legs are open and crazy, just smile. Imagine, do not you sit down and open your legs one to the east and one to the west while you are alone or with people you feel close to in your circle? This behavior indicates that your cat feels comfortable and trusts you. He loves you and your presence gives him confidence. You must kiss yourself. It is not easy to be a beloved man of a cat.

  7. The meaning of this little meow, which you usually hear when you first meet a cat, is "hello" exactly in your human language Your little friend greets you and wants to meet you, you can rub it and say hello to her.

  8. Contrary to the little meowing, she tries to tell you that she is hungry. Yes your puffy-haired cat is hungry. She says, "Moooom, give me foooood." If you do not want him to continue to meow like a madman, give him food. Otherwise you may lose her confidence or she can use harder techniques to tell you that her stomach is fully empty. You do not want a punch in the middle of your face, do you? You're still here, run, give her some food.

  9. The eyes are the windows that open the spirit to the outside world. This is true for all living things, not just for the cats, isn't it? Your cat also knows these and gives you some messages by his/her eyes. If your kitty looks relax and slowly blinks at you, this means that she is happy, she loves you and trusts you at the same time. Usually you respond to him the same way automatically and tell him that your feelings are reciprocal. This is instinctive for a cat owner, but if you do not, then you must.

  10. If your cat is angry, she will shows his anger the most obvious way, not covering her poo. It is very likely that she gets angry with you. Because you are his human being and the slightest mistake can turn your loving friend from mad to mad, may even lead to depression. If your cat is not covering her poo, it's time to review your relationship. Observe yourself and find out what it might be reason of her anger.

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10 Must-Know Cat Behaviors that Help You to Understand Your Kitty

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