Diary of a Clever and Funny Cat: Clues About Living with Human – 1

I've known to open the door for a long time. This is the first time I've seen strange reception by people. I am very surprised to believe that every time my father saw me I could open the doors as if I was doing something very strange. Strange human, you can open the door, but why can not I? As you know, the unlocked doors open immediately on the arm of the door by bouncing. Every cat with an average intelligence level knows it. Of course, we would like to have a button on the bottom, but for the moment it is a request outside the limits of human intelligence. If the door is locked, the door can not be opened by bouncing on the arm.


She is looking toward the window 🙂

Poor Olive Needs Help

For example, Olive does not know this difference, so even if the door is locked, she jumps on that door arm. When the door does not open, she thinks there's something wrong with the door. Actually, I should be so grateful that she witnessed Olive rushing to the closed window several times and  knocking her head against the window glass in a disastrous way. Then she turned her back and looked puzzled, saying, "Where did I go wrong?" She learned it later. Olive is still bumping her head into closed windows, but at least she is no longer shocked. I think there is a friendship between her head and the glasses, when she heard the crash, turns back and does not try again.

Now, I will write a few important clues for Olive and the like-minded cats who want to live in house for a long time:

Seats and curtains are more valuable than you

A seat or curtain is not punished if they break your hair, but you will be punished if you harm one of these two. You can also use this condition to your own benefit by staying in reasonable metrics. For example, if you need to be interested in something you want to do, instead of mowing it up aroud, you can scratch a curtain lightly or you can scratch with a couple of nails to their valuanle The person you expect comes immediately ahead.

To pee is dangerous and prohibited

When the dogs pee at home at any time, they are taken to walk around within five minutes. When a pussy is peeing at home at any time, the  action of "peeing home" does not reach the same result. I saw many cats being beaten for peeing at home. For this reason, if you do not want to make a definite turn to the street, do not pee at home aroun. Attracting attention in this way can be harmful.

If you bite the person, that person becomes angry

The person you scratch or bite for any reason will get angry. The angry person is like mad, he can make all kinds of nonsense things. If you do not want to be alone with a crazy person, do not bite a few times. Make the most striking move, one time, and get away from there. Do not panic if a lot of blood is flowing. Previously, set up a few hidden hiding places where no one can find you. In such cases, go there quickly. The bleeding stops in about five minutes. The wound care process ends in the next ten minutes. You still have to wait at least 45 minutes. Once the person you bite has calmed down, start bothering at home as if you were someone else who bites him and you are looking for it. If you get a harsh response, go back to your hidiplace immediately. Do not re-bite your bite for at least fifteen days.

Now I should take a sleep

I will contiue to give very important clues to you Olive, see you at next part of my diary ba

I love you all sweeties

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Diary of a Clever and Funny Cat: Clues About Living with Human – 1

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