Due to Your Chinese Zodiac Animal How Can You Boost Your Luck

From the table below you can find your chinese zodiac animal according to traditional chinese feng shui rules by finding yours from the birth years under the animal names. Then you will find which element can boost your luck and how should you use them to start the feng shui yin and yang process in your home, office or anywhere else.

Find your chinese zodiac feng shui animal

You can also find general properties of your chinese zodiac animal year.

Feng Shui Elements Due to Chinese Zodiac Animals

After you found your animal from the table above, find your feng shui element from picture. Then learn how can you use these elements in your life to trigger luck.

Relation Between Chinese Zodiac Feng Animals and Luck

Feng shui is the philosophy of geometry. According to ancient Chinese traditions, the universe is continuous because of the balance between man and nature. Everything is in opposition and everything is balanced by the opposite. Chinese zodiac feng shui animals are determined by the year of birth of the people. 12 animals are identified 6 with Yin and 6 with ang, and they balance each other. The most important bridge between humans and the elements in the environment is animals. You can also learn in our content that how you can provide yin and yang balances in your life by using which element you learn from which feng shui zodiac animal you were born. When used with the right element and the right feng shui animal and with the feng shui geometry philosophy, the inner balance and the natural balance are established and the luck is triggered. 

Notice: We are in Rooster China Year

İf you were born in a Rooster year as 1981, 1993, 2005; this means you are in a unlucky year in 2017. To avoid yourself from bad luck, you can use red elements like bracelets or rings on you.

Five Element due to Feng Shui Animals

According to Five Elements Theory of Chinese Feng Shui; Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood and Water balances the envirınment of you. Due to your chinese zodiac animal find your element and read how should you use these elements for right geometri. If you learn your zodiac animal of feng shui, read your animal's part and learn the relation between elements and your animal. Use your element as decsibed below to trigger your good luck!


If you were born in rat year, use water element described as below.

Put some WATER in the NORTH

The people who were born in rat year should use "water" element to boost their luck and fortune. The geometri of element is also important. You should use the water element in the north of your home or office. May be put a water tank with goldfishes in it in the North of your environment. Or you can place a larger aquarium to your north wall of office and put goldfi


The Ox People should use some things related to fire.

Put some FİRE

If you were born in ox year of chinese zodiac, you should use some fire element in your home or office. If you don't have a fireplace, direct use of fire is not a good idea. Instead of this you can use seramic object


Element of the tiger people is Earth.

Put some Earth

If you were born in Tiger year, you should use a lot of earth element around you. Plants are also helpful for tiger peoples because they are grown in earth. As consequence of these two reason, tiger people can use some potted plant to boost lu


Rabit people should use "Earth" element like Tiger people but with a difference in exact position.

Put some Earth in the Northeast

If you born in Rabbit year of Chinese Zodiac Animals, you should put some earth element in the Northeast direction of your home or office or anywhere of your environment. And there is also another condition for rabbit peoples. The earth element should be hiding. As an advice you can 


The people who were born in Dragon Chinese Year should use WATER element as described below.

Put some WATER in the NORTHWEST

If you born in Dragon Chinese Year, you should use water element as a booster. But you should use clear water nothing in it. Should be a basin filled with clear water in the northwest of your bedroom or your office's bath or kitchen. And as a clue, use should use lotus flowers near the water basin


Snake people of Chinese Feng Shui should use some METAL in the west.

Put some METAL in the WEST

If you born in Snake year, you should use metal element in your life to boost fortune and luck. You can wear gold or silver ornaments but not mix of them. Only one type of metal should be used. This wearings will give you a great fortune and very good luck. If you will put metals in a place, you should use these metals in the wes


If you born in horse year of Chinese Zodiac Years you should use some METAL elements as described below

Put some METAL in the NORTHWEST

The direction of people born in Horse Chinese Year is NORTHWEST to boost luck and fortune. METAL elements like bronze toad or something else made from any metal can boost your luck in career and fortune. As an advice you can put a bronze, gold or silver objects in the northwest of your bed


People born in Goat Chinese Year should use WOOD in the NORTH

Put some WOOD in the NORTH

Goat animal zone of Chinese Zodiac Years gives a great fortune so if you born in Goat year you should use some wood elements in your office in the north. For example you can use a wood box and put an object related to your job in it. As a clue, if you are an engineer, you can put a calculator in wooden box and you can place this box in the north of 


People born in Monkey Year should wood with a special rule.

Put some WOOD in the WEST

If you born in Monkey Year of Chinese Zodiac you should wood in your office in the WEST. Monkey symbolize the rising in your work by climbing. If you put a plant (taller than you) in your office in the WEST, you can boost your luck my means of making fortune.


If you born in Rooster Year, you should use WOOD in your home. We are in Rooster Year now.

Put some WOOD

People born in rooster year should use WOOD element anywhere they want. If you put some grass seed in a cup made from an earth element, you can boost your luck to make a great fortune. In 2017 you should  keep a red object on you to be protected from bad luck.


You must strictly avoid from EARTH and WATER

Put some WOOD

If you born in DOG year you should use a wood element like a tree branch in your office to boost your luck to make a huge fortune. But by no means you should not put branches into water


If you born in PİG year of Chinese Zodiac Year, you should use some FİRE element

Put some FİRE

People who born in Pig Year should put seramic objects in their house or office to boost their luck. Seramics have contacted to fire an

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Due to Your Chinese Zodiac Animal How Can You Boost Your Luck

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