This is the Survival Story of a Paralyzed Puppy

This is a story of not giving up.

Moreover, this story is not about a person, it is the story of a lonely, defenseless, wounded, and puppy dog. This little friend tells us not to give up, never to give up, to be able to hold on to whatever happens.

The beginning of our little friend's story is a complete unknown. She crawled up to a remote research camp in the woods and asked for help. It was because his back legs were completely immobilized. She was attacked by a bigger animal or had a traffic accident, or worse the violence of a more unscrupulous man remained.

The spine was damaged and her back of body completely paralyzed. Despite this, she did not give up. She crawled for days, weeks, or even months, looking for someone to help her.

Miraculously she survived in a forest surrounded by aggressive animals. The research camp she came to ask for help was an elephant research camp and there were huge elephants everywhere. There were also many predators in the forest. But the universe almost collapsed and protected him in the face of his incredible life power.

When Poppy reached the research center, she was completely weak. Her legs were completely paralyzed and her body had friction wounds. Susanne Vogel, who works at the elephant research center in Okawana, and her colleagues are very surprised when they find Poppy. It was a great miracle that it was possible to reach this camp, which is full of predatory animals.

Vogel and his friends are quite surprised that Little Poppy reaches the camp with his paralyzed legs. They felt a little desperate at first because the nearest veterinarian was miles away. But Poppy's heart was never hopeless. The camp staff fed and cleaned him. They are interested in her until the day they can go to the vet. Poppy could not walk, but it grew stronger day by day.

And finally it came that day. Graham McCulloch, a member of the camp team, take cute Poppy to the veterinary clinic for 8 hours driving. It passed through difficult roads and rivers, but all the efforts were worth it for this wonderful puppy. The vet examined Poppy and said she was about 7 months old, her body was very weak and her back legs were completely paralyzed with the cause of damage in the spine. She could be operated and walk again. But there was a problem. The operation was very dangerous and the costs had to be covered. From the team Amanda Stronza set up a GoFundMe campaign. Poppy had to be stronger as well until the money for the operation was accumulated.

Poppy had such a big love that it quickly began to grow and become stronger. The team was interested in Poppy during this process. They took all the veterinary checks without disruption. They fed him with the highest quality goods and with the love of their hearts. The love of the team was so big, and Poppy's desire to live was so strong and everything gone better every day.

Poppy may not walk today, but she has a very healthy and strong body and until the operation will be much stronger by the day. After the operation it is likely to walk. Even if she can not walk, she will have wheels that will help her move.

When we think that she has crawled for days, perhaps even months, and has found people who love and help her, and when we see the love of life in him, we  believe from our hearth that Poppy will walk without the need for the wheels.

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This is the Survival Story of a Paralyzed Puppy

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