What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You?

This quiz is about understanding behaviours of dogs by their owners. How a good dog owner are you? Test yourself!

  1. 1 What is your dog saying?

    You see your dog doing something he should not have done and yelled at him. From the moment you yelled at him, your dog did not make eye contact with you, pulled his lips inward, tilted his ears backward, and never looked at the direction in which you were. What is you dog trying to tell you?
    1. I am still your sweet and submissive dog
    2. I am very angry with you
    3. I feel guilty
    4. I am afraid of you
    5. I am a stubborn dog

    You are the BOSS man

    Your dog tells you that he accepts your leadership. Don't punish your dog for this behaviour. He says you "You are my big boss man."
  2. 2 And what is this strange dog trying to express?

    You met a dog you've never seen before and the dog snarls at you. He raised his hair on his back up (hackles), his tail down and straight and his ears tilted backwards. What is the dog trying to tell you?
    1. I am afraid of everything now and I may bite you.
    2. I am your boss boy! And of course I will bite you.
    3. I am afraid and I will run away ASAP.
    4. I am a nervous dog.
    5. I want to eat something, empty your pockets friend.

    If you corner me, I will bite you baby!

    The profile expressed in question is the classic profile of a not dominant frightened biter. They do not have the confidence like dominant dogs and the most dangerous dogs they are. If they can go away, they will but if they feel cornered, they will attack ferociously. Give these dogs a way to run away and do not force you on them.
  3. 3 Your male dog suddenly starts to chatter his teeth. What is your dog trying to tell you?

    1. I want some interest, man.
    2. I am hungry, hooman.
    3. I think you should brush my teeth, boss.
    4. I smell a hot female around me, I want her.
    5. I am bored, boyyy.

    She must be mine!

    A part of courtship ritual, when a male dog meets a female dog, he nibbles the hair of her ears. And chattering his teeth may express that he smells a hot female around him.
  4. 4 Your very male dog mounts your friends male dog. Why is your dog doing this?

    1. He wants to be friend
    2. He is a bisexual may be
    3. He shows he is boss
    4. He is so stupid, don't know he was a male
    5. I don't know, he didn't do anything like this before

    I am your boss poor boy!

    When two of the male dogs meets, the dominant one can mount on other to show he is the boss.
  5. 5 And again a dog who you never met before. Ready?

    A dog is slowly coming toward you. Eyes stared in your eyes, ears and tail raised. What is he saying?
    1. I can bite you
    2. I am very scared
    3. I am hungry, give me some food
    4. I am curious
    5. I want to be friend man

    Do not stare at me human!

    This means that dog is very dominant and if you stare at him, he can bite you. When you encounter such a situation, turn your side to dog and don't stare at him. Talk soothingly and try to back away.
  6. 6 What is your lovely dog trying to tell?

    Your dog is panting and looking to you directly, wagging his tail quickly and he is a little yapping. In this situation, what may be his feeling?
    1. He wants to go outside for a walk
    2. He only wants to make me frustrate
    3. He wants some food.
    4. Wants to play with you
    5. He is afraid

    Play with me boss

    This means that your dog is very happy and he wants some fun.
  7. 7 You ask your dog to go for a short walk and he yawns. What is he saying?

    1. I am very tired
    2. Yes, I want to go with you
    3. I am frustrated, leave alone me hooman
    4. I am nervous
    5. I can't understand you boss, say again word by word please

    I am really nervous boss, do not stare at me

    Yawning refers to being nervous in canina language. You can see this behaviour in obedience lessons when a dog owner is being too hars with his dog.
  8. 8 And do you know about scratching behaviour of your dog?

    You are trying to teach a new thing to your dog. But a few minutes later your dog begins to scratche at his neck. You sure that he doesn't have any fleas. Why does he begin to scratche?
    1. He is bored
    2. The new thing that you teach is very hard for him
    3. He needs some break
    4. He is not a submissive dog and won't learn that new thing
    5. He is hungry

    Let me take some break boss, please

    Scratcehing and shaking like a wet dog occurs becaus of overloading. Give them a break to let him to calm down.
  9. 9 A dog comes to you and takes your hand in his mouth but he doesn't bite your hands. What is the dog trying to tell you?

    1. I will bite you, if you move
    2. Give me some food
    3. Omg, what a beautiful hands, I want them man
    4. Hello human, nice to meet you
    5. I am very angry with you

    Just hello man!

    This behaviour is a very friendly gesture. He want to say to you "Hello", this gesture is equivalent to handshakes in humans.
  10. 10 Are you ready? This is about a peeing dog.

    Your very new puppy pee your carpet and you just cleaned it and after seconds he rolls over on his back and pee on the floor again. What is he saying?
    1. I am a stubborn dog
    2. I want to pee here, man
    3. I am a spiteful dog and I have purpose to pee your carpets
    4. I am submissive
    5. You make me crazy

    You are the boss and I accept this

    Believe or not, this means that I am submissive. Your dog gives you his submission by this way. Do not punish him otherwise you can set up a cycle of reoccurrence.

What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You?

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    Congratulations! You are the best man for your dog. We think he/she loves you very much. You can understand your dogs feelings and behaviours well and you get the best of his/her needs. Thanks to your sophisticated feelings, you can even have information about your situation even when he/she is asleep. No matter how much we congratulate you, it will be insufficient. You are awesome, hooman!
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    You really get along with your dog. You care about his wishes. You put his happiness before his own happiness. All this is great. But you have one missing. You should trust your feelings more. You should know that not everything is written in books. Some things are just felt. I'm sure you will also solve this problem.
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    You will understand him as you get to know him. You should spend more time together. It seems that you have not spent enough time to recognize your dog yet. Do not worry, you will know him better over time and understand the reason for his behavior better. All you need is a little time and a little instinct. Even if you have solved this test, it shows how much you value animals. We love you boss.
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What is Your Dog Trying to Tell You?

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