Why was an Almost Healty Labrador, Blackie, Euthantized?

We will tell you a story, a real and heartbreaking story. It's an euthanasia story. We will tell this sad story not by one side, but by all sides involved in euthanasia. And at the end of the story, we will want you to share your feelings and thoughts about euthanasia by leaving a comment.

The Thought of a Veterinerian About Euthanize

The vast majority of people think that the hardest thing for a veterinarian is to put an animal to sleep. But at the same time, Dr. Greeny was an animal researcher. According to Mrs. Greeny, the most difficult thing for a veterinarian is not to sleep an animal that is not able to treat and suffering, but to say this decision to the animal. Because veterinarians are euthanasia who is suffering and who has been in the last stage of their illness, willing to rescue him from their suffer and make it with inner peace. Contrary to belief, a veterinarian does not suffer for his patient and send him to the compassionate arms of God. But all veterinarians may not be as lucky as Mrs.Greeny. 

A Suffered Veterinarian

We will soon be talking about an unlucky veterinarian, a healty dog and a hopeless owner. Mr. Ford is left alone with a tough decision to apply euthanasia to an almost healthy dog. We are asking, why? The cause is seemingly normal and legal, but when you get a little deeper, it is a shredder and a compulsion. The reason is dog's owner, Mr. Stove. In our mind, an unscrupulous dog owner comes alive, yes. But when we look at the essence of the matter, we see a person who is so emotional man who loves his dog as much as to mislead his conscience.

Poor Blackie the Dog

Our dog's name is Blackie. An adult male labrador. Mr. Stove, the owner of the dog, has owned him when he was a pup. They have given him all the love with his family for about 8 years. So why did Mr. Stove want his beloved dog to euthanize?

And the painful story begins...

One morning, Mr. Stove and his dog Blackie came to Mr. Ford's office and asked him to examine his dog's recent clumsiness and to examine him. Mr. Ford immediately performs all the necessary tests and tells Mr. Stove that he is not a major problem with his dog, that he has a hypothyroid, a condition commonly seeing in Labradors. And he adds that its treatment is very easy and cheap. Mr. Stove didn't say anything, he simply left the office and they didn't do anything to treat Blackie. 

And heartbreaking desire

Mr. Ford realized that Mr. Stove was in a big trouble but he didn't understand what was the matter. He tried to not to think on them. And then two pr three days later, Mr.Stove came again. Mr. Stove looked quite sad. He was like he was stuck in a cage. For a short time, Mr. Ford and Mr. Stove looked at each other's eyes silently. They both seemed to realize that something very painful would be said shortly afterwards. And Mr. Stove started talking. "I want you to euthanize my dog." said. Mr. Ford was in a mixed confusion. He really wanted to know why, but he was afraid. Mr. Ford couldn't stay silent anymore and asked Mr. Stove why he wanted it.

Blackie was a healthy dog and he had a brilliant future. And Mr. Ford could not understand why Blackie's owner wanted to put an end to his life. Mr. Stove started to talk him with wet eyes. He had gone to deeppest financially and had to leave his home. They had no money to look after their children, and they were homeless. In this case, he would have no money to care for Blackie.

To being stunned

Mr. Ford stunned at what they heard. His task was to help the animals and save the animals from pain when necessary. But according to Mr. Ford, in the case of Blackie this was not a requirement. He tried to stop Mr Stove from making his decision. He offered him some viable options. He could leave Blackie to the care service at his office, find a new family for him until the financial situation was settled, or the last possibility would be to give it to an animal shelter. According to Mr. Ford, the euthanasia decision should not have been made for a healthy animal and not for that animal. Mr. Stove listened quietly to what Mr. Ford words. But it seemed as if he had lost his ability to reason as a man in a financial strait, a lost house, and a poor family. There was silence for a while, and then Mr. Stove started talking. The Blackie was accustomed to life under the terms of Stove family and they have given him all their love. According to Mr. Stove, leaving Blackie somewhere else is a bigger evil than put him to sleep.

An effortless effort

Mr. Ford was still trying to discourage him. Mr. Stove thought he could persuade Mr. Ford to realize this euthanasia if he insisted enough. He did not want to cause Mr. Stove Blackie to suffer, leaving him to live in another house that was not their love. Mr. Ford, on the other hand, did not want to kill a labrador with a very healthy and bright future. There was silence for a while. Then Mr. Stove was upset. He shouted at Mr. Ford that he did not want anything illegal from him, as a veterinarian, only to respect his decision, and to fulfill this euthanasia and want Blackie to sleep. But even when Mr. Ford thought he was doing this euthanasia, he felt sad. Mr. Ford knew he could never do that, and Mr. Ford knew something else. When Mr. Stove told Blackie he would not sleep, the man would leave the office and go to the other veterinary clinic on the street and possibly find a veterinarian who would respect his decision there. Mr. Ford decided not to think more about it. He turned to Mr. Stove and said that he would not kill Bkackie, a wholly healthy dog, and that if he did, he would have killed the person within him.

Mr. Stove just turned his back, caught Blackie's collar and quickly came out of his office ...

What do you think of Mr. Stove's decision? 

Was it true that Mr. Stove felt about Blackie?

If we had the chance to ask Blackie, would Blackie want to continue living with another family, or would he prefer to die separately from the Stove family? 

Did Mr. Ford make the right decision as a veterinarian?

Tell us your opinions, leave a comment.

*The names in the text have been changed to protect the privacy

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Why was an Almost Healty Labrador, Blackie, Euthantized?

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